Cleaning and Repair

We are for 30 years in the area rug business and our repair department has all the needed tools to help you to bring back your area rug to right condition of the use for years to come if it is not already too late .

Then before gets late get in touch with Essy rug’s repair department and we do our best to help you with your area rug .

It makes no difference what kind of the area rugs you have , Hand made Oriental Rugs ,Machine made Rugs ,Tufted Rugs ,Kilim ,Soumak Rugs ,Any kind of area rug ,wool rugs , silk rugs , syntactic rugs or any other made rugs from any country ,Persian , Turkish ,Indian ,Pakistani ,Morocco or chines . tribal rug ,modern rug or traditional , our rug repair department will take care of your rugs.

Dear customers we do know that sometimes it is difficult to make a decision if a rug is worth fixing or not ??!!

The answer to that is so simple , Just send us the photo of the rug or your area rugs and our Essy’s oriental rug experts will let you know whether it is worth to spent your money to recover the rug or not ??!!

We know sometimes it is not worth to fix a rug but it is the attachment to the rug for the personal reasons or memory of loved ones ,makes the rug priceless, In these cases we try our best to forget material part of the business to certain limit and try our best to go out of our way and stand by our customers to keep the cost down so you can have your especial area rug fixed.

Just give us a call 334 676 3311 or An E-mail with the photo of the rug , we get back to you with right answers .

Appraisals? Do you have beautiful handmade rugs ?? need insure them properly ? but you don’t have an appraisal?

Here at Essy rugs appraisals are available anytime.

To complete the appraisal, it will take about 10 to 14 business days and free of cost .
If you have any questions please send us an Email or call us .
In Essy Rugs we stand by our customers for a simple reason , For you we are here .

Call us 334 676 3311 or just send us an E-mail