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Empowering America

Dear Valued Customers, Today, I want to share with you the power you hold as consumers to shape the future of our great nation, the United States of America. By choosing to purchase American-made products, you not only contribute to the growth of our economy but also play a crucial role in securing jobs for our fellow citizens. Allow me to present both rational and emotional reasons to inspire you to make this important decision.

Southwest Collection

Exquisitely Crafted Rugs

Welcome to our Southwest Collection, where craftsmanship meets creativity to bring you the finest selection of handcrafted rugs inspired by the rich heritage of the American Southwest. Our rugs are woven with passion and expertise, capturing the essence of this vibrant region in every thread.

Traditional Collection

Elegance and Timeless Beauty

Introducing our Traditional Collection, where classic designs meet modern craftsmanship to offer you the finest selection of rugs that transcend time and elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces.

Spruce up your space with quality area rugs.

Do you know how easily you can redefine the Style statement of your home?

Are you looking for something that can give dimensions to your home and its elegance quotient?

If yes, we have the answer in the form of Rugs.

Hey! We are Essyrugs – better known as the Rug specialists.

We serve the purpose of increasing the visual appeal of any house with beautiful, classy, and cost-effective rugs that can add zing to your home.
We have a wide range of designs, styles, patterns, shades, and shapes to serve your home. Essy rugs deliver happiness in the form of the best rugs in Auburn!!

Our rugs are made up of quality material. We deliver a range of categories to choose from different patterns, materials, sizes, styles, designs, and shapes of rugs to gel well with different areas of your home. Our rugs can complement your living room, bedroom, drawing room, kitchen to any other space. It is easy to find rugs in Troy Nc, but finding one that complements your home’s mood is what we provide and deliver at your doorstep.

We add life to a tranquil space. We add vibrancy to suit the mood of your home. Rugs can make a living room more elegant and lively to live in. We comply with the same rule of life, that is, live life with elegance, grace, and style.
The rugs from Essyrugs can bring your room to another level of serenity, peace, and an appealing aesthetic look. Get the best deal with our premium quality rugs in Selma Al.

You can enjoy the home with more variety of options to choose from, like area rugs, accent rugs, and doormats.

If you are concerned about the look and quality of your rug, choose from essyrugs. We provide style with serenity in the form of our rugs in Prattville, AL. We cater to the needs of ornate to monochromatic rugs and simultaneously deliver vintage and modern rugs. Essyrugs provides the most comprehensive category of area rugs in Montgomery Al.

Essyrugs promises you the appearance and appeals to your living space with the help of our best quality Essy rugs Montgomery Al. We comprehend your home requirements and can support the same with our eminent rugs.

You can find the trendiest colors and patterns at Essyrugs. These patterns can add life to your living space.

We offer free shipping at your doorstep to ensure a convenient and easy delivery. Check out what we have in store for beautifying your sweet home. We are the renowned rug shop in Montgomery.

The right rug in the right place is essential to make the room look big and vibrant. The rugs from essyrugs can offer a feel of softness underfoot in need of a restful vibe. Use the mats from Essyrugs, where your family gathers and enjoys the evening together.

Essyrugs offer stain-resistant rugs. We can handle the spills and stains with hard-wearing kitchen-friendly rugs.

The people prefer and refer to us as the best rug shop in Alabama. Essyrugs has earned the reputation of the best essy rug in Wetumpka Al.

The outdoor rugs can add value to the deck where you can make your conversation meaningful and cozy. The rugs from the house of Essyrugs are rated as the best in the Alabama rug sale to make your dining space more spacious and vibrant when dining together.


Size matters. Size is the most crucial aspect of a rug. Choosing a perfect size rug for the room can be challenging for you. As a service provider, we comprehend this and solve this problem with the best-fitting rugs from Essyrugs.

You can enjoy the selection process with numerous options to choose from.

Rugs with a size range of 12*15 or 10*14 can be the optimal choice for an entire room with a single design.
9*12 seems the best size for the big living rooms and fits nicely under the king-size bed.

8*10 can be the best fit for the living spaces with legs on the rug or can fit under the queen size beds.
The rug size of 6*9 or 7*9 is the best option for the dining rooms.

5*8 size rugs are the best choice for small apartments or small rooms.

Essyrugs provide the runners for the long, narrow spaces like hallways and kitchens and fill the bedside space.

The area rugs with the size of 2*3 are the best option to place outside the bathrooms and can be used as the doormats.

Spruce up your space with the best quality rugs from Essyrugs and feel the difference by browsing the enormous options from Essyrugs. Do you know how easily you can redefine the style statement of your home?