Our experiences thought us that all area rugs are the same. They have different characteristics that will tell us how they are should be cleaned— we will not and cannot treat all or fit all the same!

At Essy Rug Cleaning department, each rug is handled individually, and we adapt our unique cleaning processes to each rug. Textiles, tapestries, and wall hangings, require careful hand-cleaning and care to extend their life and structural integrity.

Cleaning and repairing rugs and oriental carpets: Essy Rugs has 35 years in the rug industry with all these years after years we learn how to take care of your rugs when it comes to professionally cleaning and repairing your area rugs. We focus solely on professionally cleaning area rugs and not in the furniture and wall to wall carpets.

Essy Rugs professionally clean your hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rugs to give you peace of mind that your rugs are in the hand of someone who will know the job of cleaning and repairing rugs. Oriental rug repair is a craft requiring great knowledge and skill. At Essy Rug, we recognize that there are three different types and approaches to repair and restoration.

  • Restoration With Essy Rugs, Restoration involves returning the rug as close as possible to its original condition because with time colors and condition of the wool will change but we do our best to make it happen.
  • We in Essy Rug’s department of cleaning and repairing compromise between conservation and restoration most often appropriate for rugs sent in for cleaning. Repairing allows the rug to become functional again. Rug repairs can include:
  • Patching, size reduction, new fringe and a myriad of other options.

Essy Rug Washing, professionally cleaning and repairing rugs

Essy Rugs 12-Step Cleaning Process

  1. Essy rugs will First Inspect your rugs
  2. Removing all the dust in each and every knot and pile of the rug
  3. Third part will be Pre-wash treatment for stains and discoloration
  4. Apply organic shampoo
  5. Hand-wash the front and back of the rug using brushes and paddles three times each
  6. Rinse the front and back of the rug after each round of brushing and paddling until water runs clear
  7. Bacterial enzyme bath to address unpleasant odors and stains from pet urine, smoke, and other sources
  8. Dry on a flat surface using sun and wind as much as possible without damaging the colors of the rugs.
  9. Dry paddle the rug to remove any remaining dirt.
  10. Grooming to set the pile in its original direction and straighten the fringe
  11. The inspection of all the rug

As we mentioned, cleaning is not the only service your rug will need in its lifetime. Proper storage, timely repairs, protection, odor elimination, appraisal, and insect removal are services you should be prepared to utilize. We offer organic rug washing services. You may have had your rug for many years now, but have you ever washed it? Persian and Oriental rugs, due to their structure and the fibers they are made of, should be cleaned professionally at least every three to five years. If your rug is in a high traffic area, or has suffered unsightly spills or stains, you may consider washing it more often than that. Area rugs are made of natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool. These fibers are quite absorbent. Dirt, dust, allergens, and odors all make their way into your rug over the years. It is important to make sure you regularly maintain the cleanliness of your rug- not just for the sake of your rug, but for your own health, too! If your rug hasn’t been washed in some time, or if it went through a bit of an accident, take it in for a professional washing. At Essy Rugs, we use only the traditional Persian method of washing rugs by hand with all-natural organic shampoos and conditioners, as well as live bacteria enzymes to remove tough odors. Although this method takes a bit more time than other rug washing using machine methods, it is a deep cleansing method that will preserve your rug for years to come as well. We know fibers such as silk and viscose are quite delicate, and that’s why we ensure your rugs will not will not endure high-pressure washing and chemical-based cleaners or machines. Our methods are proven and gently enough for silks and antiques. Call us about professionally cleaning and repair your rugs today at 334-676-3311 or visit us at 6377 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL, 36117 or just send us different photos of your rug with the size of to email and rest is our job.

Moth will finish your rugs

Moths and carpet beetles are a major concern in wool rugs. The damage happens when the moth is in the larval stage. The larvae feed on protein (wool, silk, animal hair), lay eggs in the rug and the cycle continues. Routine cleaning of the rug and home are necessary to prevent insect infestation. Keep in mind, moths typically like dark, undisturbed areas like under the sofa and bed. At Essy Rugs, we offer a product that acts as a deterrent. This topical treatment changes the flavor of the fiber, making it bitter and less desirable to the moth. We also suggest this treatment prior to wrapping and storing rugs. While there are no guarantees written or implied that moths will never return, cleaning and treatment is the best method to combat this problem.

The services we provide

  1. Professional Persian Rug Cleaning
  2. Moth Treatment
  3. Antique Washing
  4. Persian Rug Repair & Restoration
  5. Appraisals & Valuations
  6. Rug Sourcing Services
  7. Part Exchange and Rug Buying
  8. Trade Customers – Interior Designers, Decorators & Retailers
  9. Insurance Claims, Work and Valuations
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